• Small Talk 基礎編 5th Grade

    高学年新教材で設定されている活動であるSmall Talk。基礎編では文科省が提供している小学校外国語活動・外国語研修ガイドブックの内容を習得します。

  • UNIT 8 What would you like?

    先生 :    I like pizza. What food do you like?

                   I like pizza very much. I like cheese very much.  Pizza is delicious.

                  Do you like pizza?  Yes? Good.

                  What kind of pizza do you like?  Seafood pizza?  Mushroom pizza?  Margherita?

                  I especially like quattro formaggi.  It’s delicious.

                  The topping has four kinds of cheese and honey. Mmm ... yummy!

                  Do you want to try it?

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