• Small Talk 基礎編 5th Grade

    高学年新教材で設定されている活動であるSmall Talk。基礎編では文科省が提供している小学校外国語活動・外国語研修ガイドブックの内容を習得します。

  • UNIT 7 Where is the treasure?

    先生: Look at this. This is my treasure.

                  My treasure. What is it?  Can you guess what it is?  A letter?  

                  Yes, that’s right.  This is a letter.  A letter from who?  Who gave it to me?  A friend?  

                  My friend?  Yes, that’s right.  From my friend.  

                  This is a letter from my friend, Chiharu.  She was my best friend in elementary school.  

                  We were very good friends.  Then she moved to  Hokkaido with her family.

                  We said goodbye.(別 れるジェスチャーをしながら)

                  I was very sad.(泣くジェスチャーをしながら)She gave me this letter.

                  It’s a very nice letter! It’s very important to me.  

                  This is my treasure.  What’s your treasure?

    音声 音声を聞く

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UNIT 6 I want to go to Italy.UNIT 8 What would you like?