• Small Talk 基礎編 5th Grade

    高学年新教材で設定されている活動であるSmall Talk。基礎編では文科省が提供している小学校外国語活動・外国語研修ガイドブックの内容を習得します。

  • UNIT 6 I want to go to Italy.

    先生:     This is Japan.(世界地図を示して)

                       We live in Japan.  We are from Japan.  

                      Tom sensei is from Canada. Where is Canada?  

                      Yes. It’s here. There are many countries around the world. 

                      For example, Australia, India, Kenya, Egypt, Brazil and so on. 

                      Which country do you want to go to?

                      Where do you want to go?

                      Me? New Zealand!(ニュージーランドの風景写真を見せて)

                      I want to go to New Zealand.  Look.  It’s beautiful! I want to go to New Zealand. 

                      You can see beautiful mountains, beautiful beaches and beautiful lakes in New Zealand. 

                      I have a friend in New Zealand.  I want to meet my friend, an ALT, Kate sensei!  

                      She is from New Zealand. She is a teacher in New Zealand now. 

                      So I want to go to New Zealand. Do you want to go to New Zealand, too?

    音声 音声を聞く

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UNIT 5 She can run fast. He can jump high.UNIT 7 Where is the treasure?