• Small Talk 基礎編 6th Grade

    高学年新教材で設定されている活動であるSmall Talk。基礎編では文科省が提供している小学校外国語活動・外国語 研修ガイドブックの内容を習得します。

  • UNIT 2 Welcome to Japan.

    児童1:What country do you want to go to?  Where do you want to go?

    児童2:I want to go to Italy?

    児童1:You want to go to Italy?  That sounds nice.  Why?

    児童2:I like Pizza.  How about you?

    児童1:I want to go to Canada.

    児童2:You want to go to Canada?  That’s nice.  Why?

    児童1:Canada is very beautiful.

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UNIT 1 This is me. UNIT 3 He is famous. She is great.